Books in a mess ??


Are you one of those Business Owners who find themselves either:


- Neglecting bookkeeping due to lack of resources.


- Invest in costly software packages then lack the knowledge to fully utilise it or have the time to find someone to use it for you.


- Are you paying for a part time accountant who is not there when needed.


Clients owe you money?


Are you a Business Owner who is challenged - even intimidated - by the prospect of collecting the money that is owed to you.


Do you "shoot from the hip" and just hope people pay them on time.


The basic message here is simple. The longer your accounts go unpaid, the more difficult it becomes to collect.


Let us give you the freedom to focus on running your business.


Is your logo on your invoices?


Do you send your invoices to your customers using the plain default template on your software package.


Your invoices are not just about telling your customers how much they owe you - it's another opportunity to build your brand.


All you need is a logo image file and we can design an invoice that you aren't embarrassed to send to your customers.


With just a few simple changes,  your invoice from blah to ah-ha!

Bookkeeping help in a hurry!


When your accounting and admin systems are “humming”, you can focus on what really matters!


If you're not in control of your business's accounting and admin systems,you're not in control of your business!


Books in a Mess helps you eliminate worry and frustration by providing support and training for your MYOB & XERO accounting and office system.


I need to take my existing bookkeeping system to the next level!